Frozen Tangled Brave

It’s been over a year since the family hit Frozen graced screens, although you wouldn’t know it considering how widespread its popularity has become. The popularity isn’t all that mysterious once you break it down; it has some seriously catchy tunes, and seems to be the flag-bearing standard for what Disney’s current line up is trying to accomplish, namely, producing stories about feisty, tougher princesses who don’t necessarily need a man (though that might be nice); stories about the relationships between women in all of their complexities.

Tangled is based on Rapunzel , a fairy tale popularized by the Brothers Grimm. They took it from a German translation of the French Persinette by Charlotte-Rose de la Force , which was probably inspired by the folktale  Petrosinella . The original name of the story and maiden is a reference to  parsley , while the Grimm version is a reference to  rampion . In both versions, before Rapunzel was born, her mother desired the plant so badly that without it she would die. * This was a problem because it was growing in the forbidden garden of an enchantress named Gothel.