Gisele Bundchen

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Bündchen is a sixth-generation Brazilian of German descent, born and raised in Horizontina or in Três de Maio, Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil, to Vânia Nonnenmacher, a bank clerk pensioner, and Valdir Bündchen, a college professor and writer, both of German extraction. The “sixth-generation” representation is based solely on Bundchen’s response in an interview and seems to contradict that Horizontina was not settled by a mixture of Germans, Italians, and Poles until 1927, whereas six generations would place that settlement circa 1850. That her parents speak German as their primary language also implies a more recent immigration from Germany, which, considering Bundchen’s birth in Horizontina in 1980, would imply an immigration from Germany with other Germans in the middle 20th century after the end of World War II. She grew up with five sisters—Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, Rafaela and her fraternal twin, Patrícia, her junior by five minutes. In addition to Portuguese, Gisele speaks English, Italian, Spanish and some French, and learned German at school, but has stated that: ". . . . being out of touch with the language for such a long time, I unfortunately forgot it. "

Speaking to People at an event in Boston on Wednesday, the supermodel momma confessed six-year-old Benjamin and three-year-old Vivian didn't even want their sweets. She explained: