Paris Hilton

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Hilton began modeling as a child, originally at charity events. When she was 19, she signed with Donald Trump's modeling agency, T Management. Hilton said that she "wanted to model", Trump wanted her at his agency, and she was "loving" the work. While modeling, she became a daily feature of entertainment news for her partying; according to Vanity Fair, Cisco Adler (producer of Sweetie Pie, in which Hilton acted) called her "a young party girl who gets sucked into the L. A. party scene and grew up a little too fast". In 2001, Hilton developed a reputation as a socialite; she was called "New York's leading It Girl", whose fame was beginning to "extend beyond the New York tabloids". Around that time she made a cameo appearance in Zoolander and appeared on several magazine covers, including the UK's Tatler, Italy's Giola and the US' Vanity Fair and FHM. Hilton also appeared in Vincent Gallo's "Honey Bunny" video. In 2002, she played a lead role in the straight-to-video horror film, Nine Lives. According to Beyondhollywood. com, "Hilton's presence in the cast is the film's main marketing point, which is plainly obvious by the fact that she's front and center on the box art and is the only recognizable name in the cast". The website noted that her character was, basically, herself: "Hilton plays—what else?—a spoiled American socialite who shops on three continents in one day. The script is even clever enough to take a few jabs at Hilton's real-life social standing, even mentioning that she's been on the cover of a few sleaze rags in her day". That year Hilton became engaged to fashion model Jason Shaw, but they broke up in early 2003.

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In 2004, Hilton released her book Confessions of an Heiress , which became a New York Times Best Seller . She later played a supporting role in the horror film House of Wax (2005), in 2005 Hilton later signed to Warner Brothers records as a singer and began working with producers such as Scott Storch , Tom Whalley, J.R. Rotem , Dr. Luke , Fernando Garibay and Kara DioGuardi on a pop album.

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