Marcia Donahue ~ An Octopus’ Garden in Winter

Photos by Styrous®       
Seven years ago, Tom and I along with our friends from Barcelona, Ana Briongos and Toni Alsina, visited the spellbinding garden of sculptor Marcia Donahue in Berkeley on a warm August afternoon (link below).       
Ana and Toni are here again for Christmas and they wanted to revisit the garden. What could be a better way to celebrate the holiday on a cold winter day? So, off we trekked to her house. Marcia was out of town but her daughter was there and the garden was open, so, we entered Marcia’s fantasy world.     
 Toni Alsina, Ana Briongos & Tom White

Although there aren’t any, for some reason, when I am in her garden, I think of the 1969 song by The Beatles, Octopus’ Garden, which was written by Ringo Starr. It’s a bouncy, happy song that always makes me feel good when I listen to it. It’s been covered by everyone, almost, in every form imaginable, even a ukulele group (links below); now that I think about it, I wonder why Tiny Tim didn’t.       





Viewfinder links:       

Toni Alsina            
all things Beatles       
Ana Briongos       
Christmas 2021             
Marcia Donahue        
Ringo Starr          
Tom White       


Net links:       

View from a Berkeley Optimist ~ Quirky Berkeley walk       
Weird Homes ~ Art Garden       
Works & Conversations ~ An Anti-Ivory Tower Device: Donahue Interview    


YouTube links:       

The Beatles ~   

       Octopus’ Garden            

       Octopus’s Garden Composition Session (January 6 & 23, 1969)   
       Octopus’ Garden (isolated guitars & piano)           
       Octopus’ Garden (isolated vocals)           
       Octopus’ Garden (live 2005)           

       Octopus’ Garden (lyrics)            

       Octopus’s Garden (Punk Cover)        
BEAT-LELE – Octopus’s Garden (Ukulele Tribute)        
Evergreen EMU ~ Octopus’s Garden (a-Capella version)        

Friends School of Baltimore 6th Grade Zoom – Octopus’s Garden   

The Hit Crew ~ Octopus’s Garden (instrumental version)       
Karaoke version – Octopus’s Garden         
Muppets – Octopus’s Garden         
Raffi – Octopus’s Garden        

Mr. Yen’s 2nd grade interpretation – Octopus’s Garden       




Styrous®, Wednesday, December 22, 2021         

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