Tom White ~ Drawn & Quartered


Tom White ~ Kitchen Sink 

mixed media
photo by Styrous®
After a long period of focusing his creative energy to the preparation and presentation of culinary projects (link below), artist Tom White is once again turning that energy back to his art.    
He has titled his new work, Drawn & Quartered. The work has nothing to do with the execution of traitors in England but rather the ripping, tearing, cutting and other actions, of his past works into pieces that are then assembled in new configurations, sometimes with found objects added as in the above work, Kitchen Sink.        
He presented his new work for the first time in the recent exhibition, the Love Show, which was the Tenth Anniversary exhibition of the Gray Loft Gallery in the Jingletown section of Oakland.    

Tom White ~ Valentine for Gray Loft

mixed media
photo by Styrous®
He may be writing more about his new work on his blog; if he does, I will post it here on the Viewfinder.        


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Tom White                  

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Styrous® ~ Friday, March 25, 2022        



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