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I will have to fess up to what people may call idiotic, silly, stupid or even a crime! Many of my record purchases over the years was influenced by the graphics of the cover, such as the album by Mina, Salomé, on the right. As I said in the article I wrote about this album (link below), “How could you pass up a cover like this?”     .   
Although I bought albums unknown or unheard just from the information (performers, style, etc.) on the back of the album cover (one of the reasons I will always love a vinyl LP as opposed to a  CD), it was the graphics of some of them that snagged me.     
Some of those albums have been featured on the Viewfinder; there will be many more to come.  



Links to those albums (in no particular order):  
Mina ~ Salomé        
Goblin ~ Suspiria        
Jack Scott        
The Family Dogg        
The Residents ~ Not Available        
Dave Greenslade ~ The Pentateuch of the Cosmogony        
Jeff Wayne ~ The War of the Worlds        
Stan Freberg ~ the United States of America      
Master/Slave Relationship ~ This Lubricious Love        
King Crimson ~ In the Court of the Crimson King        
Betty Davis ~ They Say I’m Different        
Earth, Wind & Fire ~ Last Days and Time        
Klaus Nomi        
Gabor Szabó ~ Dreams        
The Rolling Stones ~ Some Girls        

Carl Orff ~ Carmina Burana á la Manzarek        
Stan Kenton ~ City of Glass        

Die Dreigoschenoper        
Al Stewart – Past, Present and Future   
Chuy Reyes ~ Rumba de Cuba        
Adam & The Ants ~ Kings of the Wild Frontier        
The Story Of Star Wars picture disc        
Gil Mellé ‎– The Andromeda Strain        
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) ~ Dazzle Ships        
The Nails ~ Hotel For Women        
Guns N’ Roses ‎– Appetite For Destruction        
Debbie Harry – KooKoo       
Leonard Bernstein ~ Trouble In Tahiti    
Kiss X Four       
Divine ~ Greatest Hits        
Hawkwind ~ Warrior on the Edge of Time         
Mick Ronson ~ Slaughter on 10th Ave.         
Alice Cooper ~ Killer Vinyl       


Styrous® ~ Sunday, April 17, 2022        

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